Lara Haworth Nude - Playboy Employee Of The Month

Playboy: What does your job entail?
Lara: I'm Ron Rice's secretary, friend, nurse and frequent party date. I go to his house every day to take care of things, like his travel, medications, errands and finances. I'm his right hand.
Playboy: His right hand, eh?
Lara: Yes, but before you read too much into that, remember the right hand is the clean hand. The right hand also doesn't know what the left hand does.
Playboy: Understood. We're sure Rice does fine for himself.
Lara: I've seen girls fight each other to sit on his lap!
Playboy: What's your favorite part of the gig?
Lara: Traveling to beautiful places and planning parties.
Playboy: You seem to have a busy job. How do you find time to keep that lovely Hawaiian Tropic tan?
Lara: We have a tanning bed in the house. If I'm too busy to use it, when someone asks me why I'm not bronze, I tell them our sunscreen is just really effective.
Playboy: You have found time to stay in terrific shape.
Lara: Thanks. I'm an athletic girl, which keeps my body toned. My idea of a perfect Sunday is to play football, but if I can't play it, I'll sit down, drink beer and watch football on TV.

Lara Haworth's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , August , 2007

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