Susie DaSilva Nude - Playboy Employee Of The Month

Playboy: Your job is to throw parties for college kids?
Susie: Well, they're incoming freshmen, so technically they aren't college kids yet. But yes, I try to get the best students from across the country to come to our school by making them feel comfortable about moving to New York City.
Playboy: And how do you do that?
Susie: We plan big dinners, take them to Broadway shows, throw parties where they can mingle with other students.
Playboy: How often do they try to mingle with you?
Susie: Actually they tend to be timid and nervous around me. At their age they still have a lot to learn.
Playboy: Could you teach us how to pick you up?
Susie: Buy me a drink -- vodka and soda with a lime -- and tell me I have a pretty smile or lips. Most guys have no tact and compliment my boobs or my butt.
Playboy: Ever get sick of being a New York tour guide?
Susie: I love New York! I was born in Brazil and have lived in other places, but New York is definitely my favorite.
Playboy: Is there anything you don't like about the city?
Susie: Catcalls. When I'm crossing the street and some guy honks his horn and yells something sexual at me, what does he expect me to do? Walk over and say, "Hey, what's up?"

Susie DaSilva's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , September , 2007

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