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Playboy: How did you become a wedding planner?
Laura: I used to model wedding dresses, and a wedding planner invited me to join her company. It sounded like fun.
Playboy: We must plead ignorance of this particular field. What exactly do you do?
Laura: I assist the bride with every detail: the venue, decorations, food and dress. On the big day I keep things running smoothly so the family can relax and enjoy the wedding.
Playboy: Do all brides wear white?
Laura: White isn't the norm anymore; the whole purity thing is over. I've had a couple of brides say, "I'm not wearing a white dress, because I'm not a virgin."
Playboy: What's it like dealing with brides-to-be?
Laura: It's fun, and most brides get very giddy -- but of course I get the occasional bridezilla.
Playboy: Do you like what you do?
Laura: Yeah. I'm invited to a party every weekend. I get to dress up, eat catered food and dance. I always dance. I just like to move my body.
Playboy: Have you already planned your own wedding?
Laura: I have an idea of what I'd want it to look like, but so far I have yet to meet the man to sweep me off my feet.

Laura Nichole's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , June , 2007

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