Joi Hollie Nude - Playboy Coed

Playboy: So you want to be a sports reporter.
Joi: I know the game. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball and fast-pitch softball, so I’m aware of rules and regulations. I love watching sports, even if I’m home alone.

Playboy: What are UW games like?
Joi: Basketball and football games get really intense. UW fans are a loud crowd, and either game would be worth going to.

Playboy: If the games are that rowdy, what are the parties like?
Joi: Packed and sweaty with a lot of bumpin’ and grindin’! The Spring Foam party is my favorite because it’s one dirty little secret. Anything can go down in the foam!

Joi Hollie's Awards: Coed Of The Week , February , 2011

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