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Playboy: What makes you a good leader?
Allie: I love being in charge, especially in bed. I can’t help but take control at times.

Playboy: How aggressive are college men?
Allie: They are not shy. I will walk down a hall and, out of nowhere, a guy will just straight up ask me for my number!

While it may not be out of the ordinary for a college girl to attend class wearing pajama bottoms, Allie can do one better: attending class wearing nothing at all. The Texan brunette is completing her degree through Kaplan’s online courses, which she says are great for her focus but don’t provide much opportunity for campus hookups. “While I’m in class, I’m constantly thinking about different things: What I am going to eat? or What the hell is this teacher even talking about? Online, it’s just me and my computer,” Allie says. “But who knows what my fellow students are doing while in class—masturbating?” Offline, Allie works as a promo model for swimwear and beer companies and plans to start her marketing career after graduation. Her advice to other working coeds? “Just stay focused and do what’s going to benefit you in life.”

Allie Stacy's Awards: Coed Of The Week , February , 2011 Coed Of The Month , April , 2011

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