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Playboy: Psychoanalyze the typical college guy for us.
Staci: College guys do not know what a girl really wants. They are too immature and are really only good for short-term relationships. They are young and usually the cutest piece of arm candy, but too inexperienced to please a girl—or it seems that way once you’ve been with an older man!

Playboy: What kinds of things do guys ask about your major?
Staci: I’m frequently asked about my opinions on Sigmund Freud. I know they just want to get information out of me about my own sexual preferences or ideas.

Playboy: Have you changed much since starting college?
Staci: The new freedom took me into a party phase, and I would make out with girls and play drinking games till I was annihilated! I think it’s all part of the college learning experience. The freedom to have fun is in your hands.

Stacy Lynn Sharp's Awards: Coed Of The Week , March , 2011

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