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Spring is here. Just about. Though many a coat collar may still be turned up and many a mug of mulled wine may still be quaffed to help calm clacking teeth, the calendar, stubborn to the last, insists that spring begins on March 20. Time, then, to begin thinking of outings in the open air . . . getting next to Nature . . dusting off the rod and reel and matching wits with our finny friends who inhabit the fresh flowing streams of our native woodlands wild. No true sportsman, of course, would ever consider partaking of these pleasant pastimes all alone; a jolly feminine companion is just as necessary as the creel, the waders, and the hat with the hooks in it.

Zahra Norbo's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , March , 1958 Zahra Norbo Statistics: Height: 67.00,

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