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AMBITIONS: I would like to become a movie and TV actress. TURN-ONS: Interesting and witty conversation, sincere men, pro football. TURNOFFS: Waiting for the phone to ring, that male superiority theory. MY BIG MOVE: When I was six, my family relocated from Holland to Canada. I'D LOVE TO MEET: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and Tom Jones. I REALLY ADMIRE: Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. He remains calm no matter who's trying to provoke him, and he speaks with sincere conviction. MY IDEAL EVENING: A good dinner and an entertaining nightclub act enjoyed with someone special. IF I COULD, I'D CHANGE: My feelings of insecurity about my future. If I could, I'd be less tense and have more self-confidence. YOU PROBABLY GUESSED: I do speak Dutch fluently and even a little German. FAVORITE TV SHOWS: "The Avengers" or Carol Burnett. I LOVE TO: Ice skate, roller skate, swim, bowl, play tennis, go boating and dance to jazz music. Those concerned about the lack of communications between young and old will be heartened to know that 21-year-old Vancouverite Willy Rey, unlike some of her contemporaries, talks freely with her parents and actually digs life at home.

Willy Rey's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , February , 1971 Willy Rey Statistics: Bust: 34, Waist: 23.00, Hips: 34.00, Height: 64.00, Weight: 108, Birth Date: Aug. 25, 1949, Birth Place: Rotterdam, Holland,

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