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AMBITIONS: To be a successful model. TURN-ONS: Water skiing (although I can't swim) and football games. TURNOFFS: Television. HOBBIES: I like sports cars, boating and photography. FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Bowling, dancing and having fun. JOB HISTORY: I've worked as a telephone operator and an instructor at a health studio. WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: The fact that they're men! WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Phonies. I LOVE: Traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people. The best antidote we know for February's wintry blues is a lot of sun shining on a lot of girl -- which we herewith offer in the fine form of Toni Ann Thomas, our February Playmate. A tempting 18 years of age, titian-haired Toni Ann is passing through an appealingly unpredictable stage in her young life: at times she is tomboyishly exuberant and given to wild backyard romps with her two kid brothers; at other times she can, through the alchemy of perfume and peignoir, suddenly transform herself into a delicate charmer with womanly poise.

Toni Ann Thomas's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , February , 1963 Toni Ann Thomas Statistics: Bust: 38, Waist: 22.00, Hips: 36.00, Height: 65.00, Weight: 120, Birth Date: April 15, 1944, Birth Place: California USA,

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