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AMBITIONS: To always be true to myself and be there when those closest to me need me. TURN-ONS: The beginning of a new relationship, Christmas, anything French, 450SLs, music, the future. TURNOFFS: Renewing my driver's license, tax time, junk mail, running on empty. FAVORITE BOOKS: The Best and the Brightest, Notes to Myself, The Hite Report, Illusions. FAVORITE MOVIES: All That Jazz, Fame, The Deer Hunter, Marathon Man, The Longest Yard, Yanks. FAVOITE MUSICIANS: Eagles, Billy Joel, Boz Scaggs, Bob Seger, Rod Stewart, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Stephen Bishop. FAVORITE SPORTS: Fred Dryer, Golden Richards, Jim Palmer, Vince Ferragamo, Ian McMillen and Monday Night Football. BIGGEST JOY: My family and friends.we finally landed ex-flight attendant terri welles -- now we're walking on air Good-looking girls don't have it easy. It's not so much that people try to take advantage of them; it's more that they're constantly being underestimated. Anyone who underestimates Terri Welles had better duck. She's a scrapper.

Terri Welles's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , December , 1980 Playmate Of The Year , 1981 Terri Welles Statistics: Bust: 36, Waist: 24.00, Hips: 36.00, Height: 69.00, Weight: 120, Birth Date: Nov. 21, 1956, Birth Place: Santa Monica, California USA,

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