Stephanie Christine Nude - Playboy Coed

Playboy: Tell us how a gorgeous law school student likes to cut loose.Stephanie: My girlfriends and I worked as ring girls for a local mixed martial arts fight. The night before, we stayed at my place and got a little crazy.Playboy: Care to be more specific?Stephanie: Not really, but all seven of us headed uptown in one little car, and I'm sure it was pretty hot to see us all pouring out of it in our party dresses when we parked up by the bars! Playboy: Was it hard for you to blend in with an MMA crowd?Stephanie: I can open a beer bottle with my forearm, so not at all!

Stephanie Christine's Awards: Coed week 3 , April , 2012 Stephanie Christine Statistics: Bust: 34D, Waist: 26.00, Hips: 34.00, Height: 67.00,

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