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Belgian International models Stefania and Vienna are a pair of sirens in this set from photographer Joel Alvarez. As performers on Antwerp’s nightclub scene, these babes wear leather, spit fire and everything in between. Seen here in little more than studded belts and heels, they’re putting on a very special, very seductive show. “On a night out, Vienna and I look fabulous,” says Stefania. “We perform in the nude, so posing for Playboy was very natural,” agrees Vienna. “In fact, I’d rather be naked all the time – but then again, I probably wouldn’t make any money on my shows!” Stripping out of their costumes, Stefanie and Vienna can’t help but cup each other’s smooth, round breasts. “Right now, I’d much rather be single,” says Vienna. “Most men just aren't okay with my work. I need someone who can handle my personality…someone like Stefania!” We’re more than okay with your work, girls – dank uwel, merci beaucoup, or in other words, thanks a million.

Stefania and Vienna's Awards: International week 2 , December , 2014

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