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Lithuania’s most valuable export has got to be the sexy Simona Starkute. A tall, leggy blonde, Simona’s just the sort of girl who’d catch your eye on a busy street—it wouldn’t matter if everyone else was juggling oranges in the rain, you’d only have eyes for her. “For me, modeling work is more important than any relationship,” she says proudly. “It was modeling, and not any man, which fulfilled all my dreams.” Indeed, Simona’s a go-getter and a jet-setter—she’s worked all over Europe and intends to take over Europe and America as well. As they say in Lithuania, sėkmės—good luck.

Simona Starkute's Awards: International week 4 , September , 2015 Simona Starkute Statistics: Bust: 33C, Waist: 24.00, Hips: 35.00, Height: 70.00, Birth Date: Nov. 20, 1985, Birth Place: Lietuva, Lithuania,

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