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AMBITIONS: Find a job which makes me happy, have my own horse and meet a lot of nice people. TURN-ONS: Good-looking men in nice suits/shorts, horse riding on the beach, a good horror movie. TURNOFFS: To get out of bed in the morning, fish, arrogant people, being broke, feeling alone! WHAT I WONDER ABOUT AMERICANS: How do they decide where to have dinner? You have so many restaurants! HOW MY MEN ARE EXACTLY LIKE HORSES: I ask both to wear saddles and obey, but neither wants to! THE FOOLPROOF WAY TO WIN ME OVER: Buy me the biggest stuffed animal you can find! QUALITIES I LOOK FOR IN A MAN: Romantic and macho at the same time, and as strong willed as I am. Saskia Linssen has romantic dreams for a down-to-earth Dutch girl. Although she protests that she isn't impressed with the trappings of wealth, she waxes rhapsodic -- in her alluring Hollander accent -- when asked to describe her dream trip. "I'd love to ride horses in the Scottish Highlands, among the castles and the ruins. I'd go away for a week, take some food, stay in the shelters up there." For those of you imagining yourselves playing a Scottish Roy Rogers to her Dutch Dale Evans, whoa, boys! -- rein yourselves in.

Saskia Linssen's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , June , 1991 Saskia Linssen Statistics: Bust: 38, Waist: 27.00, Hips: 38.00, Height: 69.00, Weight: 130, Birth Date: Feb. 16, 1970, Birth Place: Venlo, Holland,

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