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Straight out of Oxygen Network’s Bad Girls Club 3, Sarah’s now trying her luck at the dating game. In Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too, she’s competing against two wicked women for her ideal man: one who’s confident, honest and will treat her like a princess.

Playboy: You’re a popular Cyber Club model—why turn to reality TV to hook up?
Sarah: I was on the Bad Girls Club last season and had a pretty rough time when it came to dating. This show is a great way for me to try to find love in a very fun and entertaining way.
Playboy: You were pretty entertaining on Bad Girls Club. Can we look forward to more of the same crazy action on Love Games?
Sarah: Of course—we’re bad girls! But I can’t give anything away. You will have to watch and see.
Playboy: Do these guys on the show know what they’re in for? Do you think you’ll meet your match?
Sarah: The guys are all really great—super sweet, fun, outgoing and so sexy! There are so many options it would suck to not find a connection with one of them.
Playboy: Are you in it to win it?
Sarah: I’m going to do whatever it takes. Second place is the first loser!

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