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Meeting guys at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana is relatively easy, according to Ryen de Leon. “There are only five major bars at Purdue,” says our Coed of the Week for December 4, 2008. “They’re all in the same little area—so when you go out, you see everyone.” The management major frequently has men introducing themselves to her, but to score a date with Ryen, they have to pass her test. “I study his eyes first,” says blonde-haired Miss de Leon. “A guy can make me feel like a million bucks, just by the way he looks at me.” We feel like a million bucks because beauties like Ryen are only available on Playboy Plus.

Ryen de Leon's Awards: Coed Of The Week week 1 , December , 2008 Ryen de Leon Statistics: Birth Date: May 1, 1990, Birth Place: Lafayette, IN, USA,

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