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What makes a woman sexy? Confidence, which comes from within; just knowing you're a good person. Also a woman who takes time for herself to make herself sexy. A sexy man is: Honest, athletic and a guy who can be my best friend. What comes around: I am a strong believer in what comes around goes around, and I like to be happy so if there is negativity, I'll try to do something positive to ease the situation. Blessed and honored: Playboy has only the most beautiful women and I feel blessed and honored to even be considered. Photographer:Stephen Wayda

Rebecca Lynn 2's Awards: Cyber girl Of The Week week 3 , October , 2003 Rebecca Lynn 2 Statistics: Bust: 34D, Waist: 24.00, Hips: 34.00, Height: 68.00, Weight: 120, Birth Date: Aug. 12, 1973, Birth Place: Eureke, CA,

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