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Pamela is a real self-starter. Coming to us from Kiev, Ukraine, she’s a member of the fashion industry—in addition to modeling, she manages a clothing boutique in the city. “I started to live my own life very early,” she reflects. “I wanted to earn money and become an independent person.” Through modeling, Pamela has also found a new source of self-confidence, shedding her shyness and becoming a social butterfly. “I used to be like a mouse, but now I’m really social,” she admits. “I can’t live without attention and I love photoshoots!” With a gorgeous face and body like hers, we don’t think Pamela will have any problems attracting attention.

Pamela's Awards: International week 4 , February , 2016 Pamela Statistics: Height: 65.00, Weight: 103, Birth Date: Nov. 1, 1992, Birth Place: Kiev, Ukraine,

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