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1. What part of a guy do you study first?
When I first meet a guy, I look at his smile and his shoes. I know that sounds strange, but I'm a sucker for a great smile and I like funny guys, so a good smile is a must. Shoes are also key because they indicate whether or not a guy cares about his appearance.

2. What's the party scene like at your school?
My school is very small, but I live in Southwest Florida and the beach is the place to be almost year-round. There really aren't any fun campus rituals, but we do throw toga parties often. The biggest party of the year is spring break. For natives of the area, it lasts about two months. The beach is one giant party all day and all night.

3. What are some of your favorite things?
I can't live without my iPod. I love going out on my Jet Skis and having fun on the water. I also love GPS, since I get lost very easily.

Final Exam: What is your special talent?
I'm an amateur masseuse. My friends are always asking me ...

Nikole Martz's Awards: Coed

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