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European model Niki Daniludisz has never been one to sit still. Known as Playboy Hungary’s Playmate of the Year 2010, dark-haired Niki is a natural beauty of Greek ancestry. Based in Budapest, she also works as a makeup artist, and hopes to someday open her own beauty salon. “I benefited a lot from becoming a Playmate,” observes Niki. “Here I am thinking not only of material things, but a lot of new people I’ve met. Winning this race, I’ve gained insight into so many things!” We love Niki’s attitude—material possessions aren’t the most important things, but physical beauty is definitely to be celebrated.

Niki Daniludisz's Awards: International week 3 , October , 2016 Niki Daniludisz Statistics: Birth Date: Jan. 1, 1986, Birth Place: Budapest, Hungary,

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