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She's a Flying Illini. My grandpa was a fighter pilot, so it was cool that I was photographed with a plane for my pictorial. The guy at the airbase we shot at actually knew my grandfather personally.

She knows how to party hop. One Halloween at school, my friends and I all dressed as Playboy Bunnies, and a guy went with us as Hugh Hefner. We entered a costume contest at a local bar, but someone dressed as a Hooter's girl ended up flashing the crowd, so she won. It was so unfair!

Ice cream. I love it. Give me cookies and cream or Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia any day. I only buy healthy food at school, though, because if I stock the freezer with ice cream it'll be gone in two days!

McKenzie Closen's Awards: Coed Of The Month , May , 2004

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