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AMBITIONS: To become an excellent actress. TURN-ONS: My boyfriend. TURNOFFS: People who talk too much and don't know what they're talking about. HOBBIES: Scuba (skin diving and deep-sea diving), dancing, and water skiing. WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: They have to be over 6'2", have blond wavy hair and blue-green eyes, and be considerate, kind, and lovable. WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Conceit, egotism and overdeveloped physique. If our judgment runs true to form, the most disconcerting hazard to navigation on the California coast this spring will prove to be willowy Marya Carter, a lass who is both a budding actress and our mermaiding Miss May. Like many another angelic Angeleno, this bouncy beachnik goes near the water as often as she can for a liquid diet of scuba diving, water skiing and attendant surfside rompings. Endowed with flowing brown tresses and an eminently suitable fuselage (37-23-36), she has high hopes of eventually making a big splash in showbiz, preferably in dramatic roles.

Marya Carter's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , May , 1962 Marya Carter Statistics: Bust: 37, Waist: 23.00, Hips: 36.00, Height: 68.00, Weight: 126, Birth Date: May 12, 1942,

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