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AMBITIONS: I can't decide on a career. There are so many interesting ones. TURN-ONS: My cooking, sapphire and diamond rings, fantastic male singers, snowy days, being caressed. TURNOFFS: People who shoot deer with telescopic lenses on high-powered rifles and track the deer on trail bikes. IN MY SPARE TIME: I laugh, cry, swim, learn the violin, climb mountains, ride my bike, and love animals (except snakes, spiders and rats I don't get along with too well). IF I HAD MORE TIME; I'd get more sleep. I love to dream. I'd also like to meet the person I am most compatible with. It's said that every person is the world is compatible with 144 other people. It'd be great to meet them all. GREAT NEWS: My mom quit smoking after a 24-year, hard-core, two-pack-a-day habit. Yeah! UP NEXT: I'd love to attend the University of Hawaii. If I could do high school over again I would take more biology and science so I could become a vet. A couple of years ago, Marilyn Lange (it rhymes with tang) was back in her native New Jersey and going to secretarial school. Pretty blah. Then, on a whim, she went to Hawaii -- via a tour -- and stopped at Waikiki, where she met a young man who caught her fancy.

Marilyn Lange's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , May , 1974 Playmate Of The Year , 1975 Marilyn Lange Statistics: Bust: 39, Height: 67.00, Weight: 130, Birth Date: Jan. 12, 1952, Birth Place: Westfield, New Jersey USA,

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