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You'll be glad to learn that Charlie's name isn't really Charlie at all. Her real name is Marilyn Hanold. But in his nightclub act, dirty-bird George Gobel is in the habit of explaining that he employs an assistant who does nothing else but chaperon his guitar; then he turns to the wings, yells "Charlie!" and scantily-dressed, hazel-eyed Marilyn makes her stunning entrance. Marilyn also put in an appearance in the Gobel film, The Birds and the Bees, in which she played a particularly tasty comb of honey. When she's not performing with George, she's indulging her taste for such hectic hobbies as hunting and water-skiing. These rugged avocations notwithstanding, Miss Hanold has a completely feminine interest in dating dashing young males. In her professional life, although she has played a variety of roles, she has invariably been type-cast as a girl. This was good thinking, we feel, so we have emulated it by choosing her for the part of an abundantly girl-style Miss June.

Marilyn Hanold's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , June , 1959

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