Mandy Montalbano Nude - Playboy Employee Of The Month

PLAYBOY: What does your job entail?
Mandy: I try to match clients' personalities to their spaces. I hire contractors to do construction, then I go out to find the furnishings. Most of my clients are men, and I know what a woman wants, so whenever I walk into a room I am thinking how I can make it sexier.

PLAYBOY: Do you specialize in bachelor pads?
Mandy: I had an older, divorced client who was very into sports and rock-and-roll memorabilia--his place looked like a 13-year-old's bedroom. I thought to myself, This guy is never going to get laid. I heard that after I put his place through an overhaul he did one on himself and is now hanging with younger women.

PLAYBOY: That's a lovely head of red hair. Does the carpet match the drapes?
Mandy: A designer never gives away her secrets.

Mandy Montalbano's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , January , 2005

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