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“If you keep communication open in a relationship, then together anything can be worked out,” says Krystal. Best to heed this advice from a communiqué pro, as Krystal was crowned Playboy’s first-ever Miss Social after garnering the most votes in the fan-fueled contest. When she’s not busy social networking with her fans and friends, the aspiring spa owner works on her esthetics studies or plucks away on her latest hobby, the guitar. “There’s just something hot to me about playing guitar!” Krystal says.

Krystal Harlow's Awards: Cyber girl Of The Week , April , 2011 Krystal Harlow Statistics: Bust: 34C, Waist: 22.00, Hips: 26.00, Height: 62.00, Weight: 104, Birth Date: Oct. 23, 1990, Birth Place: Raleigh, NC,

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