Kristen Martinez Nude - Playboy Employee Of The Month

Playboy: Where do you work?
Kristen: Giuseppe's Pizza in upstate New York.
Playboy: Do you get to toss the dough?
Kristen: I do a little bit of everything -- making the pizza, working the counter and keeping the place clean.
Playboy: You're a woman of many talents.
Kristen: Cooking and cleaning are the way to a man's heart.
Playboy: Beauty's nice too. Do customers try to pick you up?
Kristen: I get hit on often. We don't have uniforms, so I usually wear something small and tight. You can't wear baggy clothes when you're cooking.
Playboy: Of course not -- safety first.
Kristen: But I don't wear anything too revealing, because I don't want to get in trouble with Giuseppe. My co-workers sometimes tell me my boobs are popping out, but even if you're making food, you should still look good. Maybe all sweaty but still good.
Playboy: Actually sweaty is good. As are boobs.
Kristen: I'm a small girl, but I like having big boobs. I'm half Italian and half Puerto Rican, so I have a big Puerto Rican butt, too.
Playboy: Do you vamp it up when you go out?
Kristen: I'm into big hair, big nails, glossy lipstick, four-inch heels and microscopic clothing. I go for the wild look.

Kristen Martinez's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , August , 2006

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