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Playboy: According to, Howard Stern said you have “perfect” nipples. Did he say what was perfect about them? Do you think they’re perfect?
Kiana: Howard said I had perfect nipples? Wow! That’s a compliment. Yes my nipples are quite big and perky—our nickname for them is “silver dollars.”
Playboy: Are your nipples and breasts your best physical feature, or is it something else?
Kiana: II’m happy with my breasts, but they are definitely not my best feature. I would say it’s a toss-up—either my legs, which are extremely muscular, or my big lips.
Playboy: You speak the truth—you’ve got a great set of stems and your large, sensuous lips are something to behold. We suggest a three-way tie; legs, lips and chest. Tell us more about your great big boobs, please! What size are they?
Kiana: My boobs are 34DD, and it’s very difficult to find a bra that size. I rarely wear a bra!
Playboy: Do men have trouble looking you in the eye?
Kiana: Men think they have an inconspicuous way of looking at my boobs, but I can always tell when they are. But believe it or not, I don’t have that problem very often. I think they are more likely to be staring at my big lips.
Playboy: Do you like looking at naked women?
Kiana: I think a woman’s body is extremely attractive, especially the breasts. They are the most prominent difference between the male and female anatomy—they’re what makes a woman a woman.
Playboy: Does the sight of a beautiful naked woman turn you on?
Kiana: Not really—I still only like men. I’m not into being with a woman sexually. That’s not my thing. I love a man’s man—like Pete. He walks into a room and demands respect from everyone, especially other men. They all turn into little boys when they see him. That turns me on.
Playboy: What sort of panties do you wear?
Kiana: Only thongs—I think panty lines are tacky. Nor do I like tattoos on women. It takes the femininity away from them.
Playboy: In bed, do you tend to be dominant or submissive?
Kiana: I’m not the dominant one in bed. I like to be with a true man and let him lead.

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