Khloë Terae & Stefanie Knight Nude - Playboy Cyber Girl

Khloë Terae and Stefanie Knight wear heels on wheels in this badass set from photographer Holly Randall. It’s almost Halloween, and for inspiration, we’re turning to two of our favorite models—our CGOY 2015 Khloë, and her trusty, busty bestie, Stefanie. “Before they announced the winner, Stef and I promised each other that no matter who won, we’d take each other on the Cybergirl of the Year shoot,” says Khloë. “Hey, we see all your tweets—we know you want to see more of us together, so here you go! She’s the yin to my yang, the pepper to my salt—you get the idea! For this set, I dressed up as a rocker pinup, and Stef dressed up as a hardcore biker chick!” The combination is truly dangerous, and the girls couldn’t have had a better time on set. “We had an absolute blast shooting together, just like always,” says Khloë with a wink. “Watch out for her red lipstick kiss on my butt,” giggles Stefanie. Rev your engines with busty babes Khloë Terae and Stefanie Knight—and while you’re at it, have yourselves a very, very happy Halloween.

Khloë Terae & Stefanie Knight's Awards: Cyber girl week 5 , October , 2015

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