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AMBITIONS: To become more worldly but never change inside, just be me-e-e! TURN-ONS: Summertime, sense of humor, beautiful eyes, long hair, down-to-earth people. TURNOFFS: Materialism, intimidating personalities (people who have to put you down to build themselves up), dentists. IDEAL EVENING: A bottle of champagne and a bubble bath with my man (and a little imagination!). SUNNY DAYS: On the beach in Jamaica with my baby and reggae music. FUTURE SHOCKS: I don't know if I'll be a movie star or a housewife, but I'll be happy whatever I choose. Tour the apartment Kerri Kendall shares with her mother and you meet the members of Kerri's animal kingdom. "That's Ulysses S. Grunt and Ulinda S. Grunt," she says, pointing to the pair of fluffy pink pigs -- stuffed-animal variety -- splayed atop the sofa. "They used to just date, but they're married now." On a shelf above the Grunts' soft snouts, clumped carelessly around the trophies Kerri won in local bikini contests, is a cloth menagerie of rabbits, bears and, yes, more pigs ("I just love pigs - aren't they adorable?" asks the svelte San Diegan).

Kerri Kendall's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , September , 1990 Kerri Kendall Statistics: Bust: 36, Waist: 22.00, Hips: 33.00, Height: 66.00, Weight: 110, Birth Date: Sept. 25, 1970, Birth Place: San Diego, California USA,

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