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In a Hancock Park duplex not far from Beverly Boulevard, not far from the Hollywood Hills, not far from a whole block of neon boutiques, there is a little bit of Brookville, Ohio. You ring the bell, the door swings open and from then on, it's girls, girls, girls.

"There's no place like home," says Kathy Shower, model/actress/single mom, standing there in a yellow blouse and jeans, with a daughter attached to each leg. "Come in and sit down."

It's a dream of an apartment, a little girl's dream blown up to Panavision proportions, stuffed with toys and swathed in pastel shades. Kathy calls it The Orphanage. "I'm the Kool-Aid lady on the block. The neighborhood kids are always over here, and I like it that way." She shrugs. The girls -- Mindy is nine and Melonie is six -- entertain you with a soft shoe while Supermom, 32, runs to the kitchen. Rosie, the parrot, fluffs her feathers and squawks, "Hello!" The phone rings every minute or so. Kathy returns with a pitcher of ice ...

Kathy Shower's Awards: Playmate Kathy Shower Statistics: Bust: 35, Waist: 24.00, Hips: 35.00, Height: 69.00, Weight: 122,

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