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AMBITIONS: To be a very good actress. TURN-ONS: Modern jazz, flamenco, Latin music. TURNOFFS: Being called "honey" or "sweetheart" by people who don't know me. HOBBIES: Knitting. FAVORITE SPORTS: Skiing, skating and horseback riding. WHAT I LIKE IN MEN: Strong personalities -- that quality that demands respect. WHAT I DISLIKE IN MEN: Overbearing egos. DID YOU KNOW? I once worked in a traveling repertory theatre. Norway, a frosty land of fjords and folklore, has long evoked superlatives from fanciers of natural scenic beauty. Ideally illustrating the wisdom of such praise is our February Playmate, a captivating example of nature's Nordic handiwork called Kari Knudsen. Born in Romsdal, Norway, a tiny hamlet of less than 80 souls, Kari spent her girlhood there dreaming of becoming an actress; two years ago she sailed alone for the U.S. to seek her own Valhalla amid Broadway's neon glitter.

Kari Knudsen's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , February , 1962 Kari Knudsen Statistics: Bust: 36, Waist: 23.00, Hips: 35.00, Height: 64.00, Weight: 117, Birth Date: Jan. 17, 1939, Birth Place: Romsdal, Norway,

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