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AMBITIONS: To be successful, of course! TURN-ONS: Men's cologne, rainstorms. TURNOFFS: People who eat like pigs at the dinner table! FAVORITE MOVIES: Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, Cat People, 48 HRS. FAVORITE FOODS: French toast, steak 'n' fries, Swiss almond vanilla Häagen-Dazs. FAVORITE PLACE: Haiti. IDEAL EVENING: Champagne, my boyfriend and a bubble bath. BIGGEST JOY: Staying home and watching a good movie on television.our miss february has a case of the in-betweens; for her, it's best to take it easy and take stock A year ago, Californian Justine Greiner underwent the kind of trauma only another Californian could understand: She went to Kansas. Her plan was to attend the University of Kansas in Lawrence. What she experienced there shook her to the core of her 5'9" frame. There were no palm trees. There was no ocean. The sun, when it dared to come out, shone down on some peculiar white stuff that covered the ground for acres around. Mars, they tell us, has more forbidding terrain, but the Kansas wheat fields were enough for Justine.

Justine Greiner's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , February , 1984 Justine Greiner Statistics: Bust: 36, Waist: 25.00, Hips: 35.00, Height: 69.00, Weight: 120, Birth Date: Nov. 19, 1963, Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts USA,

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