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1. What part of a guy do you study first?
I like someone who has integrity, honesty and something intelligent to say. I tend to go for the tall, dark and handsome type. Someone who has a good vibe. I also don't like to meet guys at clubs, because I usually don't like those kinds of guys.

2. What's the party scene like at your school?
Our Greek system, which I used to be a part of, isn't really that big. People tend to party in areas around campus, like Hollywood. There are so many great things going on around us.

3. What are some of your favorite things?
I love to read, especially mythology. I like to go on little nature hikes. I also like going to movies and comedy clubs.

Final Exam: What is your special talent?
Other than arguing? I'm very, very focused and a hard worker. I'm a determined person and I have a lot of goals.

Juliette Rose's Awards: Coed Of The Month , March , 2006 Coed Of The Week week 1 , January , 2006

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