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Playboy: What made you want to be a cheerleader?
Jie: I like to perform in front of a crowd, and I've danced all my life. There really isn't much work for a professional dancer, so I decided to become an NFL cheerleader.

Playboy: What kind of dancing did you do?
Jie: Growing up in China I did ballet, and then when I came over here, at 13, I went through a tough transition to hip-hop and jazz.

Playboy: Is there much cheerleading in China?
Jie: I had to explain it to my relatives. I told them it's just like dancing, and then they were very supportive. The Patriots actually launched a Chinese website this season, and on it I post weekly journal entries about cheerleading.

Playboy: Sounds like you're an ambassador.
Jie: The sport of football is completely foreign to the Chinese. But the NFL has been trying to tap into that huge audience, and people there are getting excited about it. I'd like to see more Chinese girls become cheerleaders so instead of being an ambassador I would be a trendsetter.

Playboy: In China are there more Patriots fans or Jie Ralls fans?
Jie: Right now there are probably more Jie Ralls fans, because they can see my picture on the website. I think that will turn them into Patriots fans.

Jie Ralls's Awards: Employee of the month Of The Month , February , 2006

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