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Jessie’s Playboy appearance caused uproar at the sheriff’s department where she works as a detention officer. Her superiors have told the media that, because of her Cyber Girl feature, she’s under investigation for possibly violating official policies. “I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the kind words and encouragement,” says Jessie, who recently told her side of the story on Playboy Radio. “I really appreciate your support! I’m shocked at everything that has been taking place this past week. I feel as if my employer is betraying me in a way, because they knew about my posing for Playboy and now they’re making a huge ordeal out of it.”

Jessie says that being dismissed from her job as an Arkansas detention officer was ultimately one of the best things to have happened to her. “I lost my job with the sheriff’s... department because I posed for Playboy, but I gained a whole new sense of confidence and lots of friends.” She’s since appeared in two Halloween-themed flicks for Cinemax, moved on to a new gig at Hooters, and become a hometown celebrity. “I can’t even go grocery shopping without having to stop and talk to people who recognize me” Jessie says. Perhaps topping her headline-making Cyber Girl of the Week pictorial, Jessie faced her fears during her Cyber Girl of the Month shoot with some special stunt work, dangling from a chain and climbing atop a basketball backboard. “At first I was super excited, then I got a little scared when I realized that I only had two inches to pose on and I was 20 feet above the ground,” she says. “But the pictures rocked, so I’d do it all over again.”

Jessie Lunderby's Awards: Cyber girl Of The Month , October , 2010 Cyber girl Of The Week , January , 2010 Jessie Lunderby Statistics: Bust: 32D, Waist: 24.00, Hips: 33.00, Height: 61.00, Weight: 99,

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