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Ivi Pizzott does it all, and she does it all very well. Born in Niterói, Brazil, Ivi is a professional dancer who has recently moved to the big city of Rio de Janeiro to become a star on Balé do Faustão, a popular television dance competition. Appearing on the cover of Playboy Brazil’s May 2015 issue, Ivi raised her profile even further—a 24-page spread featured Ivi nude in nature, and was nothing short of tantalizing. Up next, she’s hoping to parlay her success into a career as an actress. We’re sure that whatever Ivi does, it’ll be amazing.

Ivi Pizzott's Awards: International week 2 , September , 2016 Ivi Pizzott Statistics: Height: 66.00, Birth Date: April 13, 1986, Birth Place: Niteroi, Brazil,

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