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AMBITIONS: Professional modeling, to be a yoga teacher, learn to play flute. TURN-ONS: The smell and sight of spring, unexpected gifts, red roses, the face of a happy child. TURNOFFS: Smog, traffic, neglected animals. FAVORITE FOODS: Chinese food, chocolate, yogurt, mushrooms. FAVORITE DRINK: Fresh cold lemonade. FAVORITE TV SHOWS: All in the Family, Saturday Night Live, Mork & Mindy. PLACES YOU'D LIKE TO SEE: Egypt, Africa, the Orient. FANTASIES: Being able to grow wings and fly, visiting another planet, to be the mistress of Louis XIV. FAVORITE MOVIES: Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Fantasia. FAVORITE AUTHORS: Ray Bradbury, John G. Neihardt.meet henriette allais, a certified georgia peach. the south has risen again! There's something about a Deep Southern accent, something lilting, something . . . well . . . inviting. After all, Southerners are known for hospitality. Henriette Allais, half French, part Cherokee Indian, born in Jacksonville, Florida, and raised in the heart of Georgia, has one very inviting Southern accent.

Henriette Allais's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , March , 1980 Henriette Allais Statistics: Bust: 35, Waist: 25.00, Hips: 36.00, Height: 69.00, Weight: 125, Birth Date: July 22, 1954, Birth Place: Jacksonville, Florida USA,

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