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She may be small, but Gypsy Sarcon packs one heck of a punch. Hailing from General Santos, a city in the southern Philippines, Gypsy is a part-time model and entrepreneur with a bit of a rebellious streak. When she’s feeling frisky, she doesn’t need a man—all she needs is her favorite set of lingerie. “The sexiest piece of clothing I own is a black Italian corset,” explains Gypsy. “I wear it every time I feel sexy!”

Gypsy Sarcon's Awards: International week 4 , March , 2016 Gypsy Sarcon Statistics: Bust: 34B, Waist: 23.00, Hips: 35.00, Height: 65.00, Weight: 93, Birth Date: June 12, 1987, Birth Place: General Santos City, Philippines,

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