Gloria Windsor Nude - Playboy Playmate

When in the course of human events (which sometimes includes buying a fancy chemise for a dear friend's birthday) we discovered blonde, brown-eyed Gloria Windsor behind the counter of a lingerie shop, we said to her, "Let us take you away from all this." She didn't want to be taken away from all that, though -- she said she liked her job. We explained that we meant to take her away only long enough to shoot a Playmate photograph, something that could be done on her lunch hour. After a brief exchange of coy dialogue which we won't bore you with here, she consented. On the way to the photographer's studio, we found out a few things about her: that she likes to cook, to hike, to bike-ride; that she does not, for a wonder, aspire to a modeling or movie career; that she loves to wolf down big portions of steak and cheesecake and doesn't believe in dieting.

Gloria Windsor's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , April , 1957

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