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AMBITIONS: To represent Playboy as well as I can, to develop my craft as an actress and win an Academy Award! TURN-ONS: A great dinner -- champagne, caviar, oysters -- home for some TV and lovemaking that lasts all night!! TURNOFFS: Housework, men who think their money is sexy, running late, standing in line, taxis. APHRODISIACS: Oysters, more oysters and Cristal champagne. MY LINGERIE DRAWER: Black lace panties, pink garter belts, sheer stockings, Dior bras and love letters. ROLE MODELS: Cher, for her cool; Marilyn Monroe, for her sensuousness; Dr. Ruth, for her height. FAVORITE SPORTS: Skiing, aerobics, dancing, Pacmania, and love. FREUDIAN DREAM: In Paradise, where waiters attend my every need, I order a tall, handsome man and...we wake up together.A "bean-pole wallflower" at Beverly Hills High, a too-tall sock-hop reject, she thought she was ugly. Her high school date total was zero. Then came breasts, cheekbones and a trip to France, where she was discovered by Elle, the Parisian fashion magazine. A few months later, strolling the Champs Élysées, she saw Elle on a newsstand.

Fawna MacLaren's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , January , 1989 Fawna MacLaren Statistics: Bust: 35, Waist: 24.00, Hips: 35.00, Height: 70.00, Weight: 122, Birth Date: Dec. 18, 1965, Birth Place: Santa Monica, California USA,

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