Erin Stevens Nude - Playboy Coed

1. What part of a guy do you study first?
His smile. A true smile shows character and is indicative of the type of personality the owner possesses.

2. What's the party scene like at your school?
There's always something going on. The bars at Northgate are very popular, but if I'm going to drink, I prefer to do so at my own house with friends. I also like to dress up, so theme parties are a personal favorite.

3. What are some of your favorite things?
My friends and family mean the world to me. I love to run, because it calms me down when I'm upset. Painting is a good form of expression. And, of course, I like construction and getting things erected.

Final Exam: What is your special talent?
It's a hidden talent. I'll only reveal it behind closed doors.

Erin Stevens's Awards: Coed

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