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If there’s one word we’d use to describe Elyse Jean, it’s ‘sweetheart’. Coming to us from Kelowna, a city in British Columbia, Canada, blonde-haired Elyse is something of a Jane of all trades—she’s a bartender, model, singer, dancer and audio engineer, and in all that she does, her sweet, sunny personality shines through. “I’m a full-on entertainer,” says Elyse. “I consider myself an artist. Every time I get in front of the camera, I’m empowered—that’s how I know I’m in the right line of work!” In high school, Elyse was one of the popular girls—“All the jocks were after me,” she admits with a giggle—and now that she’s older, she’s focused less on the boys and more on rocking her modeling career. “I feel like I was destined to be a Playboy Plus model,” says Elyse. “When I was younger, I told my sister that I was going to do Maxim, and she told me, ‘No, Elyse, you’re going to do Playboy—it’s better.’ I believed her, and well—here I am!” When she’s not practicing her many crafts, Elyse loves to stay in and watch true crime shows. “Right now, I’m single, but I’d love to have someone to watch my shows with,” she says. “Knowing you have someone there to love and protect you is such a nice feeling!”

Elyse Jean's Awards: Amateur week 2 , February , 2016 Elyse Jean Statistics: Bust: 32B, Waist: 22.00, Hips: 33.00, Height: 66.00, Weight: 103, Birth Date: Dec. 18, 1991, Birth Place: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada,

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