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AMBITIONS: I'd like to be an artist with a husband, two children and a rustic home in the mountains. TURN-ONS: Trying on hats. TURNOFFS: The War, air and water pollution, people who act like sheep. IN MY SPARE TIME: I sketch and paint. IF I HAD MORE TIME: I'd do more sketching and more painting! FAMILY LIFE: My father owns and operates a TV shop, and my mother manages a motel. We lived in Miami until I was 10, then moved to Lake Tahoe and finally to Chicago. GREAT TV: "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour," "Invaders," "Mission Impossible." I'LL SIT STILL FOR: Green beans and corn bread or macaroni and cheese. "Being a model is fun," says Playmate Elizabeth Jordan, "but it's also hard work. Most people don't realize how difficult and exhausting it is to hold a single pose for the better part of an hour, but every model does."

Elizabeth Jordan's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , May , 1968 Elizabeth Jordan Statistics: Bust: 33, Waist: 21.00, Hips: 33.00, Height: 62.00, Weight: 93, Birth Date: Jan. 11, 1945, Birth Place: Fort Myers, Florida USA,

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