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GOALS: To be more outgoing; I'm much too shy. TURN-ONS: Anything green, the outdoors, directness in people. TURNOFFS: Phonies, dishonesty, people who don't come through after a promise. FAVORITE MOVIES: Star Wars, The Sting, all Woody Allen movies. FAVORITE TV PROGRAMS: Saturday Night Live, Mork & Mindy, Monty Python. FAVORITE FOODS: Gyros, lobster, chocolate ice cream. FAVORITE MUSICIANS: Willy [sic.] Nelson, Charlie Daniels, Rolling Stones, Marshall Tucker Band. FAVORITE ENTERTAINERS: George Carlin, Woody Allen, Steve Martin. IDEAL EVENING: Any time I can go off alone with my boyfriend; nobody else, just us.playmate denise mcconnell's a private investigator with a big advantage. after all, what guy would hide from her? There's no trench coat, no dingy office with a bare bulb hanging over an ashtray full of chain-smoked Camels. Yet if Denise McConnell ever screamed "Freeze!" it would be a hardened criminal, indeed, who wouldn't stop dead in his tracks.

Denise McConnell's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , March , 1979 Denise McConnell Statistics: Bust: 37, Waist: 24.00, Hips: 33.00, Height: 63.00, Weight: 104, Birth Date: Dec. 23, 1958, Birth Place: Wiesbaden, Germany,

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