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AMBITIONS: To develop myself not only as an actress, but also as a respectable human being. TURN-ONS: A Gianni Versace suit w/the right man in it! A good bottle of red wine, a massage! TURNOFFS: A date planned to the last minute! A negative bank account! Negative people. 1999: I'm an optimist -- there might be an Academy Award. If not, I'll name my first kid Oscar! PRINCE CHARMING: He has a great sense of humor, he's very spontaneous! And a great kisser. ROLE MODELS: Glenn Close, Geena Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Al Pacino, Sean Penn. BIGGEST FEAR: Trapped in an elevator -- w/ another actor! LINGERIE I'M WEARING: Right now -- NONE!"I'm daring," says Deborah Driggs. "I'm outgoing, edgy -- an explorer. There's not a lot I haven't done, but if you have any ideas, try me." Miss March hails from sunny California, where new ideas are a dime a dozen. While her schoolmates -- male and female alike -- at Orange County's Saddleback College were bleaching their hair to match the local beachin' ideal, she stubbornly remained a brunette. "This is my virgin hair," she says, shaking it over her shoulders.

Deborah Driggs's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , March , 1990 Deborah Driggs Statistics: Bust: 34, Waist: 23.00, Hips: 34.00, Height: 66.00, Weight: 110, Birth Date: Dec. 13, 1967, Birth Place: Oakland, California USA,

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