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AMBITIONS: I'd like to accomplish something that will benefit humanity. TURN-ONS: The sun. TURNOFFS: Phony people. FAVORITE PERFORMERS: Cream and The Beatles. SOMEONE I ADMIRE: Eugene McCarthy. HIGHER EDUCATION: I'm studying history, and I also work as a telephone operator for Pacific Bell. My mother is working on her PhD in psychology and education. MY IDEAL MAN: Is about 25, in the field of art, and an intellectual. MY FRIENDS KNOW: That I'm a gregarious person, crazy about people and very flirtatious. MY WEAK SPOT: Jealousy. It tends to put one in bad situations. I LOVE BEING A PLAYMATE: Because I believe the human form is a beautiful thing and I am proud of it. Committed though she is to helping her generation unwind our uptight society, 21-year-old Debbie Hooper proves that one needn't storm the barricades to qualify as a liberated -- and liberating -- spirit.

Debbie Hooper's Awards: Playmate Of The Month , August , 1969 Debbie Hooper Statistics: Bust: 36, Waist: 25.00, Hips: 36.00, Height: 63.00, Weight: 112, Birth Date: Jan. 24, 1948, Birth Place: Cleveland, Ohio USA,

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