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What part of a guy do you study first?
Shoes. If he's wearing dirty shoes on a date, it's a no-go.
What's the party scene like at your school?
There are a lot of beautiful girls at Kennesaw, and where there are pretty girls there are good times. The party scene is pretty low key at KSU, but that doesn't keep the student body from partying outside of campus! I'm into professional motorsports and spend most of my free time at the motorcycle race track.
What is your special talent?
I have a pretty good knowledge of motorcycles. I love professional extreme sports like superbike racing, motocross and supermoto and I'm a host-reporter for a motorsports website. I have a genuine passion for the sport and admire those talented boys! It takes a lot of skill, heart and balls to take spills at 180 miles per hour!

Danielle Teal's Awards: Coed Employee of the month Of The Month , November , 2008

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