Crystal Enloe Nude - Playboy Cyber Girl

Think chivalry is dead? Guess again. "Opening car doors, showing up with a rose and ordering a bottle of wine at dinner -- the little things are all it takes to make a date unforgettable," says the memorable Crystal. You may want to step up your game, though, for our jane-of-all-trades: "I know how to flip a burger, run an assembly line, pull a credit report, flush a transmission, reprogram a cell phone and do the famous Hooters Girl dance."

Crystal Enloe's Awards: Cyber girl Of The Week week 1 , June , 2008 Crystal Enloe Statistics: Bust: 34D, Waist: 24.00, Hips: 35.00, Height: 65.00, Weight: 108, Birth Date: Jan. 22, 1982, Birth Place: Charlotte, NC,

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