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In May 2007, Chicago law firm Fetman, Garland & Associates grabbed eyes and headlines with a billboard featuring sexy male and female bodies and the slogan, LIFE'S SHORT. GET A DIVORCE. Outraged onlookers said the ad was antimarriage, but partner Corri Fetman begs to differ. "We believe you shouldn't stay in an unhappy marriage," she says. Fetman's not your average buttoned-up lawyer -- not for us, at least. After her steamy photo shoot she gave us the naked truth about the billboard hubbub.

Playboy: Were you surprised the ad was so controversial?
Corri: I had no idea it would evoke this kind of reaction. I didn't think it was a big deal. I was on CNN, Inside Edition, MSNBC, Fox. I probably got a thousand e-mails a day, to the point where we had to shut down our server. In the U.S., people either loved or hated the ad, but all the e-mails from Europe and Asia were positive.

Playboy: Where did you get the idea?
Corri: Business was slow, and I didn't want the typical ...

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